Monday, September 16, 2013


July was a CRAZY FULL month!  It of course began with holiday fun on the 4th of July.  We went fishing with grandma and grandpa Earl.  The girls loved going out on the pontoon boat with daddy.  Then we relaxed until it got dark enough to do fireworks.  The kids loved the sparklers and the ones that spin around really fast!  We all slept REALLY well that night!!
Later that week we had the Earl family reunion!! We had a delicious BBQ in Ogden.  They had a blow up waterslide for the kids to play on.  Makaydee went down it way too many times to count.  Maycee liked it untill the water got turned on, then it was too slippery.  After lunch they had a candy cannon.  It was fun to watch the kids run around trying to find candy in the grass!  And as always, visiting and catching up with family was so wonderful!  Then a couple weeks later we had the Mckenzie family reunion.  We camped up in the Silver Medows area.  It had rained before we got there leaving big puddles in the road.  The kids decided to play in the mud puddles!  They had a BLAST getting muddy, not so much fun cleaning up though!! It was a great weekend, pax loved crawling around in the dirt, and Pres and I loved the getaway.
And of course July ended with yet another holiday! Pioneer day is kind of a big deal in Wallsburg!! We've got our own 24th Celebration.  It all starts out with a parade.  This was Paxton's first year in the parade, we had Kirra pull him in the wagon.  He LOVED it!! Sat there happy watching everyone go buy, just enjoying his ride!  The girls were in the parade as well with their mom.  Then there are kids games and a talent show at the park and of course food!  And after that the kids rodeo!  We decided to skip the big fireworks later that night and just had a yummy dinner at home.  Then on the 27th Preston and I went to Jason Aldean.  It was our birthday presents from Steve and Joanne (preston's parents)  We went with them, and Justin and Amanda (his sister and her husband)  it was a wonderful concert, we loved every second!  Perfect end to a wonderful month!!

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