Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mckenzie Family Reunion

We had a great time at our family reunion with our trailer! We had a little bit of a leaking problem but have got it figured out! We went fishing and did crafts! Had a great dinner and a good auction! Then at night we lit some lanterns and some of the men played horseshoes in the dark! It was quite entertaining! When we went to leave Sunday it was pouring rain!! We had to pull a group of people out with Preston's parents ranger.  The red mud was way to slick for most of them.  But we made it home safe and had a great time! 

 Maycee fell asleep in the pack while we fished
 Preston caught lots of fish!
 Kaydee caught this fish, saw it was bloody and FREAKED OUT! Ran back to Grandma Jo, she was DONE fishing after seeing the fish that way!
 Kaydee reeling in her fish!!
 Dad helping her finish reeling it in!
 Kaydee's excitement when the fish was finally reeled in....before the blood of course!
 Maycee awake and happy :)
 Our camp all set up! We had the canopy set up with the camp chef underneath! And of course Preston's new bike...good lookin eh?? Somebody must really love him ;)
Getting ready to head down to fish, little close up of our camp.
 The girls fast asleep on the table bed!  They slept great!
Kaydee and Kirra's crafts they made!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Getting our home away from home ready!

Preston bought a trailer about 5 years ago and did a little work to it, but other than that it sat for 5 years! We almost sold it, but then decided to fix it up and use it for ourselves!! Preston and his dad fixed the roof and the water tank.  Then my helper Makaydee and I cleaned and scrubbed till it looked good as new! Then we stalked it up with everything we needed and headed to a family reunion.  More pictures to come of the reunion but here are some of the trailer! P.S.......WE LOVE OUR TRAILER!!! :)