Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Season

It was a busy crazy holiday season at the Muir household!!  We had lots of family parties, opened lots of presents, and ate lots of food!!! We opened up presents at Nana and Pappa Muirs the day before with Cousin Kirra and Bud.  Then Christmas day we had a yummy french toast bake breakfast!  Then in the afternoon the girls got there and opened the presents at our house!! The living room looked like a bomb went off that night.  There was paper everywhere, toys covering every inch of the floor!! It was crazy!  Then we went to a relatives house and had a yummy lunch party with lots of family.  And after that we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Earl's house where we opened presents there and had a delicious Christmas dinner with ham and twice baked potatoes.  Then Grandpa Earl read Cat in the Hat to all the kids.  The kids made out like bandits!! They love all their new clothes and toys!  One of our favorites was a madagascar movie that santa brought.  It came with a wig that the girls love putting on to be silly!! We loved every second of the holidays!  They were a bit crazy and stressful, but so much fun!! Now the house is back to normal finally and we are enjoying every minute of this new year!! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season as well!!


Well our real Thanksgiving was not a very fun day at all!! Pax was still in the hospital so Preston and I spent the day there.  They had a pretty decent Thanksgiving meal considering it was hospital food.  We got it for free as well.  We were very thankful for that.  But all in all it was just another day, our main focus was our sweet boy!  So after he came home we decided to throw a makeshift Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Earls house.  We dressed Pax up in his first Thanksgiving outfit and stuffed ourselves into a turkey coma.  It was nice to have a traditional dinner, but we realized that Thanksgiving isn't really about the food, but about what your thankful for.  And this Thanksgiving we are thankful for our sweet baby boy still being here with us! And for how amazing he is against all odds!  And of course for our wonderful supportive family that has and is helping us through every little thing!  We are so blessed and extremely THANKFUL for all we have!!