Monday, September 16, 2013


Oh August...the last month of summer!! Makaydee turned 6 this month on the 10th!  We spend the day at seven peaks with nana and papa Muir, Justin and Amanda and their kids, and aunt Caroline! We had such a fun day!! Played in all the kiddie pools and rode a bunch of slides and tube runs.  Later that day we had a BBQ and cake and ice cream with even more family!  She got tons of presents. 
On the 23rd of August my brother Chase got married.  It was a beautiful day.  We were fighting the rain all day but it seemed to work out perfect.  Paxton LOVED getting to spend time with great grandma Lynn.  He held her hand in the car as he fell asleep.  He loves grandmas :) 
It always seems like Labor Day is the last real hoorah of summer!  School has already started, the weather usually has started changing already, and it's the last chance you have of a good long weekend camping, playing, etc.  Our Labor Day weekend we took advantage of that fact!  Despite the fact that the stomach bug made its way through our family....we still managed to pack in the fun.  Saturday we went to the Seven Peaks fun park and played mini golf and some arcade games.  We got TONS of tickets and the kids all got plenty of prizes! Then Sunday we drove up to Henefer for the Snyder family reunion.  We had a delicious lunch at a park.  The kids played and played till they were worn out!  Paxton roamed ALL OVER the place.  He wasn't afraid of anyone or anything!   He and Maycee also loved the swings! They could have stayed on them the whole time if we would have sat there pushing them!  And Monday we just relaxed and dealt with the nasty stomach bug.  But overall it was a great weekend!! And a perfect end to summer!

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